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MRP- 1700/-(inclusive of all Taxes)

Among the list of software providers of NSDL

Key Features :-

  • This software is specially designed for filing TDS & TCS return in electronic format.
  • This package computes TDS under all heads of the Income-tax Act.
  • Payment and deposit can be easily maintained and administered.
  • Unlimited no of companies can be created and managed.
  • Print Challan 281 (Pre-printed also)
  • Certificates 16, 16AA, 12BA, 16A.
  • Generates E-TDS file and prints copy for Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q for quarterly returns.
  • Generation of Form 27A.
  • Shows all possible errors
  • Search utilities available.
  • Import data from txt & fvu files.
  • User defined access.
  • Software has user friendly touch, which enables software and user interaction very comfortable.
PSS E-TDS meeting the Requirements of NSDL

Collecting physical TDS returns, keeping proper checks and balances of TDS deducted and deposited by deductors and credit claimed thereof by deductees have always been matters of concern for ITD.  Keeping in view the problems, ITD is providing the facility for furnishing TDS returns in electronic form.

PSS E-TDS provides an easy to use interface for the deductor to prepare e-TDS return file in clean text ASCII format with 'txt' extension as prescribed by ITD.

Generating Electronic Copy from PSS E-TDS

  • PSS E-TDS provides users with easy to use and maintain Database for generation of the e-TDS return file. The user gets enhanced facilities regarding Maintenance of data, Automatic calculation of  TDS as per the applicable rates, Maintaining Excess and Deficits of amount deposited in bank against tax obligations from the tax payers. Moreover, user can generate Print copies of Form 16, 16AA, 16A, Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ for quarterly returns  and Form 27A.While entering the details due consideration has been taken that  the mandatory information doesn't skips out .While preparing the return the data is validated for the relevant and correct information and after that the e-TDS return file in clean text ASCII format with 'txt' extension as prescribed by ITD is generated. 


FVU has been developed by NSDL to help Deductors ensure that the e-TDS return they have prepared from the software conforms to the prescribed format.  PSS E-TDS  handles all the format level errors so that e-TDS return files passes fine through FVU giving an error free file.

In case no errors are detected the deductor shall copy the error free e-TDS return file to a CD/Floppy to furnish it to TIN-FCs managed by NSDL.  TIN-FCs have been setup at 42 locations specified by ITD across the country to facilitate Deductors furnish their e-TDS returns. 


After preparing and validating the e-TDS return file Deductor shall furnish the same at any TIN-FC managed by NSDL.  Deductor shall ensure that:

  1. Each e-TDS return file (Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q OR 27EQ) is in a separate CD/floppy.

  2. Each e-TDS return file is accompanied by a duly filled and signed (by an authorised signatory) Form 27A in physical form.

  3. Each e-TDS return file is in one CD/floppy, it should not span across multiple floppies.

  4. In case the size of an e-TDS return file exceeds the capacity of one floppy then it is to be furnished on a CD.  E-TDS return should be compressed, if required, only by using Winzip 8.1 or ZipItFast 3.0 compression utility to ensure quick and smooth acceptance of the file.

  5. Label mentioning Deductor TAN and name, period to which return pertains and Form no. (24Q, 26Q,  27Q OR 27EQ) is affixed on each CD/floppy for the purpose of identification.

  6. There is no overwriting / striking on Form 27A.  If there is any, then the same should be ratified by an Authorised signatory.

  7. No bank Challan or copy of TDS certificate is to be furnished alongwith e-TDS return file. In case of Form 26Q and 27Q, Deductor need not furnish physical copies of certificates of no deduction or concessional deduction of TDS received from Deductees. In case of Form 24 Deductor shall furnish physical copies of certificates of no deduction or concessional deduction of TDS, if any, received from Deductees.

  8. e-TDS return file must contain TAN of Deductor in case of private Deductor.  

  9. Each branch of a Deductor furnishing separate e-TDS return should do so quoting separate TAN issued to each branch respectively.

  10. CD/floppy is virus free.

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